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Moving business forward

The GH Group has a wide and varied portfolio of businesses both in the UK, USA and around the globe. The businesses operate in the following sectors; property development, healthcare, sports marketing e-commerce and investment management with the latest ventures comprising a hotel complex in Florida as well as renewable energy projects in Vietnam.

The company founder and Chairman, George Houghton, is a serial entrepreneur who made his first million pounds at the age of thirty. George has a no-nonsense hands-on approach with all the companies that fall under the GH Group banner. He instils his ideology of ambition, energy, focus and drive into each one of his business colleagues. He believes that knowing exactly what you’re good at and building on your own strengths enables you to be the best in the business. Having this attitude has allowed him and his team to enjoy continued success while enabling them to broaden their reach through both acquisition and organic growth.



From new build care homes across the UK to hotels and office blocks in the States the GH Group has established an enviable portfolio of real estate that consistently delivers high returns.


At the heart of the GH Group’s operation over the past 30-years has been the healthcare sector, having developed and operated over 100 care homes across the UK. Other businesses with the care sector include a domiciliary care business and a dental business.

Sports Marketing

The core strength of the         GH Group is an ability to see things through from start to finish thanks to our combined ability. It makes us an enviable business partner and gives us an inherent strength and formidable capacity to outperform our competitors.


The GH Group are always enthusiastic to grasp commercial opportunities that innovate and disrupt established business models. There are several business operating in this space, some company ran and others the group have invested in.